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About Fish Eagle Safaris

Houston-based Fish Eagle Safaris (founded 1990) is a Southern and East Africa safari destination specialist.  We are a small family-run operation who know, understand and have a passion for our destination. Just over the last three years, we have made more than 12 different visits to Africa to research new areas such as Zambia, Uganda and Southern Tanzania and to re-visit some of our favorite places such as South Africa, Botswana and Kenya.  As a result we have an in-depth knowledge of practically every place and lodge or camp we recommend.

Specialized safari trips are mostly not effectively handled by agents at larger traditional travel companies in the USA. These companies generally sell the whole world and are not focused on safari/Africa. The large companies also have higher overheads and therefore add hefty mark-ups. I think you will find that our prices are very competitive.  We have worked with Wilderness Safaris — who specialize in Southern Africa — for almost 20 years now and with Origins Safaris — who handle East Africa — for more than 15.

We can give you some very current advice about trips to Africa as we have lately traveled widely in the continent, having visited six different areas since February 2009.  By all means take a look at our recent trip reports which amount to a virtual tour of Africa.

We specialize in Africa—and Africa only. We specialize in photographic safaris to Africa — it is our only business. All our focus is on Africa all of the time and we make it our business to stay up to date on developments in every country we promote. We do this by constant daily contact with our suppliers and with regular inspection and educational visits. Our clients benefit from this all the time, because we know about the best deals, the ‘hot’ camps, the best managed properties, and the like.

We are real Africa experts—we are from there. Few Africa experts rival our actual experience. I was born and raised in South Africa and lived there until 1990, crisscrossing the area on personal and business trips. I have been on dozens of safaris of one sort of another, and have firsthand knowledge of most of the properties which we promote. My sons Lyndon and Jason are likewise clued up on many lodges and camps in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Uganda. This enables us to make an informed recommendation to clients, when advising them as to specific camps, areas, times of the year, etc. Most people go by the book — we go by experience.

We customize your trip to meet your interests. A lot of companies like to say that they specialize in customized itineraries, but few really do so. If someone calls us or e-mails us with a specific request, we pay attention. We take pride in our ability to design the absolute best possible itinerary and we have no problem working within a budget. If your special interest is photography or fishing or birding or whatever, we can and do work with you to put together the ideal trip.

We are here in the USA—just an 800# away… Need to ask a question or want to get more information about a specific camp or trip? Simply call us at 800-513-5222, Monday through Friday, 0900A to 500P Central Time. Or leave a message after hours. We will return your call promptly.

We can assist with all travel arrangements—including air. We work with a very well established air consolidator here in the USA, as well as with a full-service travel agency in Johannesburg, so we can (and routinely do) assist our clients with all travel arrangements, including trans-Atlantic and intra-African flights, car rental, hotel transfers, train trips, etc.

Our prices are the best available. We receive the lowest wholesale prices from our African associates and can match any price on an identical itinerary.

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