Part 2: Elephant Bedroom Camp

By Lyndon and Jason Duplessis, Fish Eagle Safaris

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Day 4 & 5, Elephant Bedroom Camp – Samburu:

After a couple hours of flights, we arrived in Samburu and met our guide for the remainder of our stay in Kenya. Ironically, Jason had been to Kenya once before about ten years ago working at the Taita Discovery Center in Tsavo and the same guide, Edwin, was working there! What a small world.

The climate here is significantly different then what we had experienced in the Chyulu Hills. It was hotter, dryer, and a bit dusty when we arrived. The tents were nice and large with two beds and another plunge pool out on the deck, although this one was much smaller then at Ol Donyo.

The first game drive was fantastic. Within half an hour we spotted six lion:

Even though it may look like a group of females, the males in this area do not grow manes. This is a mixed group of what we were told was four females and two males.

A beautiful reticulated giraffe.

Before the day was over we were treated to a few leopards. It was quite dark so only a few photos came out well.

Luckily we were able to spot these two leopards the following day with a bit better light.

Apparently the mother had killed an impala a few days before and they had been hanging around the same area with plenty of food to eat.

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