Part 2: See more of our Uganda photos with this Slideshow

February 6th

See more of our Uganda photos with this Slideshow

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This morning we set off for Ndali Lodge with a pit stop at the town of Fort Portal.  Here we stopped at a buffet for lunch and had the opportunity to try some of the local foods, the most interesting being matoke.  It consists of a green plantain that looks like an unripened banana steamed over charcoal for a few hours.  Always served with some type of sauce, otherwise it is fairly dry and not very flavorful.  The remainder of the drive was a slow, steady climb in elevation and we didn’t arrive at the Lodge until evening.  Before sunset we got to meet the owner, Aubrey, as well as some of the staff and a couple of nice dogs.  Jason spotted quite a few nice birds just outside of our room.


Here is one of Aubrey’s 4 dogs. She reminded us very much of our own.


This was our room at Ndali Lodge.


Some weaver birds just outside our room.


With bee eaters in the other direction.

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