Part 4: Mara Plains – Maasai Mara

By Lyndon and Jason Duplessis, Fish Eagle Safaris

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Days 8 & 9 – Mara Plains – Maasai Mara

Mara Plains Camp, our first in the Maasai Mara, was one of the nicer camps we stayed in this trip.

The room was quite large, opening up to a little stream that surrounds the camp. This meant we had to cross a bridge each time we came to or left the camp. At the time we thought the bridge was a bit wobbly, but it would prove to be the widest and most stable one we came across all trip.

Our original plan was to drive inside the park but Mara Plains camp has access to a private conservancy that actually has some of the best game viewing in Kenya. There are huge numbers of animals here. Large herds of wildebeest, buffalo, and giraffe. All types of antelope, topi, impala, reedbuck, gazelle, hartebeest. We saw a few elephants as well and, perhaps best of all, hardly any other vehicles. All of this game makes this conservancy have the largest concentration of predatory cats in the country. In fact, minutes out on our first game drive we spotted a large pride of 10-11 lions. We watched them nap, play and hunt.

A reedbuck hiding in the bushes. I don’t know they live with so many flies around them constantly.

We got to see these two pregnant lionesses trying to hunt just before this photo was taken. Unfortunately they were far too slow to catch any of the wildebeest that they tried to ambush.

Two of the three cheetahs we saw on the plains. They weren’t kidding about the density of predators here; it was an embarrassment of riches.

Day 10 – Mara Intrepids

Early the next morning we left for Mara Intrepids. Because it was so close we basically just went on a long leisurely game drive on our way there. We managed to see a few sleeping lion and a monstrous crocodile:

We didn’t get to see too many crocs but the ones we did manage upon all seemed to be super-sized. They obviously get a consistent supply of meals. We also came across quite a large pack of hyena, about 15. They were calling each other and fighting over a few bones from an old zebra kill. You can really tell how strong their jaws are when they settle down and begin chewing on one of those bones!

Mara Intrepids was quite nice and a bit different then what we’re used to. They had large buffet meals with quite varying cuisine. Big tents that seemed like small hotel rooms right on the river, although our part of the river was a bit smelly because of the hippos! The camp is quite a good spot for families as well, there’s even a jungle gym and learning center near the entrance to the camp.

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