Part 5: Uganda Trip Report

February 9th 

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This morning we decided against the early game drive necessary to spot hyena, opting instead for a late morning breakfast followed by a normal game drive.  Again we got to see plenty of antelope and a nice variety of bird life but the highlight was a couple of female lions in a fig tree.  The famous tree climbing lions of Ishasha.




The sun came out and the breeze died down, so this Lioness decided the tree was no longer where she wanted to be.


Lions weren’t the only thing in the tree’s at Ishasha.

After our successful game drive we left Ishasha and headed to Bwindi for the highlight of the trip, the gorilla trekking.  It was about a 3 hour drive and the scenery became very nice towards the end when we really got into the mountains.  Quite a few tea plantations around this area.  Buhoma Lodge was a great place to stay, very nice accommodation and food.  The temperature up here is much milder with the elevation but I’m not sure I would call it cold.  We were very excited about seeing the gorillas the following day and got a great night of rest to prepare. 


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