Part 6: Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Arusha

By Lyndon and Jason Duplessis, Fish Eagle Safaris

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Day 15 – Soroi Serengeti

The next morning we made our way to Soroi and on the way stopped for lunch and a game drive in the central Serengeti area known as Seronera. The game was fantastic. Cats everywhere (our favorite)!

We saw a huge pride of lion with a recent buffalo kill – a bit too graphic to show the kill itself but there were some young lion around that we thought were quite nice looking.

Later on we stumbled upon a leopard that was walking out in the open from one tree to another. Unfortunately the grass was quite high in the area, and the tree the leopard chose was too far to get a good photo. A little bit after this we saw 3 cheetahs under a tree in the distance. Our guide said it was a mother with two mature cubs. To add to all these cats we saw 6 more lion and another cheetah, but most of the Serengeti is roads only so we couldn’t get close enough for good photos. This was my only complaint in the entire area. There were very few roads and large wide open spaces where the game would hide.

Soroi itself was a wonderful camp. The rooms were large with amazing views and outside showers on the balcony, which were interesting to say the least! Each of the rooms was similar, but a little different, which was nice as well.

The views were similar all around the camp. Quite amazing!

Day 16 & 17 – Ngorngoro Crater Lodge

We left quite early in the morning for the Ngorongoro crater. On the way we stopped by Seronera again to do a quick game drive. Once again we saw the large pride of lion that had killed the buffalo near the road. The males were out of hiding this morning which was a nice surprise.

Still tired from eating so much, this guy was dozing off without even putting his head down.

We had heard quite good things about the crater lodge and the crater itself. So we were very much looking forward to arriving. The drive was a long one but well worth it. The views from around the edge of the crater were lovely:

The lodge itself was everything it was billed up to be. Extravagant rooms, personal butler, fantastic food. A full (nice and hot) bath was drawn and ready when we got into the room which we thought was a nice touch. There was also a little bit of wi-fi service at our room, although there was a much stronger signal in the lounge area. We arrived too late to go into the crater, but had a full day crater drive starting the next morning. Our dinner was, as mentioned, fantastic and the staff sang and danced for us which seemed quite enjoyable to most of the guests.

This was our room and bathroom. It was like a small house!

In the morning we set off for the crater drive. We were expecting a quite steep journey but it wasn’t too bad. Our guide said it can be quite interesting with larger vehicles or after it has rained. We really couldn’t believe how dense the animal population was on the crater floor. We did manage to see a black rhino from a distance. There are apparently about 15-20 black rhino in the crater, which is 19 kilometers in diameter.

Here’s a decent view of the animal density on the crater floor. Every direction was filled with game.

Not only were there large herds of buffalo, wildebeest, zebra and antelope but the crater also claims to have the highest cat density in Africa. I for one believe them. We lost track of how many lion we saw and I thought we were coming across the same ones a few times, but each time our guide said it was a new and different pride.

At one point we came across this lion, she seemed to be stuck in the tree. Her only way down was into a deep ditch which she seemed determined not to jump into.

At one point we came across a traffic jam. I’m sure these guests will have a wonderful story for their friends.

Unfortunately our time was up and we had to make our way out of the crater. Once again, the drive out was steep but not too crazy and the views were wonderful.

Day 18 – Arusha Coffee Lodge and Departure

After a wonderful safari, our journey was coming to an end. We left the crater for our drive to the Arusha Coffee Lodge. Once we arrived we were greeted with some iced coffee, which was a welcomed change from the typical fruit juice. Neither of us are true coffee drinkers, but just trying it here made us both think about what we were missing.

The rooms were once again quite large with lots of space. We were just on the edge of the wireless internet range in our room, which was also quite nice.

The coffee lodge seemed like the perfect place to sit and relax before or after a nice safari. We had a wonderfully relaxing time and a great end to our journey.

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